Our Mission

The Napili Bay Community Association (NBCA) is currently filing as a 501(c)(3) Hawaii Not-For-Profit to provide a forum for all members of the Napili Bay community to participate in community action.

The Association shall encourage the most appropriate use of land in Napili, prevent detrimental uses of the land, preserve Napili’s aesthetic beauty, and take action necessary to conserve and stabilize the health of the land, the value of property, and the related rights of residents and other community members.


Core Values

The rule of law

NBCA exists to uphold the law of the community. NBCA prioritizes action necessary to prevent violations of laws and regulations that have been enacted specifically to promote the wellbeing of the entire community.

Universal Participation

The Association is committed to encouraging and supporting participation by everyone in the Napili community and representing all residents and other community members in actions to protect the community.

Democratic governance

The Association shall be governed by an elected committee under procedures defined in the Bylaws. The committee shall consult broadly on all matters, seek consensus on all decisions, and settle disagreement through majority vote within the committee.